At the moment I use three instruments.


Two handmade classical guitars, and one handmade steel-string acoustic.

One of the classical guitars was built by master luthier Dmitri Pavlovich (Saint-Petersburg 2003). It is made from padauk wood and spruce. This is the guitar that you can see in most of my videos. It is equipped with a K&K Trinity System.


(Microphone, piezoelectric transducers and an external preamp)

The other classical guitar I use is a rosewood guitar and was made by master luthier Nicholas Ignatenko (Kislovodsk 2006). I use this instrument for classical concerts when I play solo or duet in VIAGGIO.

The steel-string acoustic guitar was made by master luthiers Roman Torgov and Mikhail Medvedev (Saint-Petersburg 2013). It's modeled after a Taylor "Jumbo" acoustic. It's made from Caucasian alpine spruce and Indian rosewood. This instrument has a unique sound duration (sustain), deep timbre and rich lower midrange. I also use it in solo performances and in the group SAMHEY.


As for strings, I use the French SAVAREZ, high tension, for classical guitars. On my acoustic guitar, I can use Martin,
Elixir, or D'Addario.