As I am a classical guitarist, I also have the soul of a classical guitarist!

I love classical guitar and occasionally perform solo concerts where I play works by Bach, Barrios, Tarrega, Albeniz and more from the golden repertoire of the instrument.

This doesn't stop me, however, from playing pop music. In fact, my classical background only helps in the performance of pop music. Classical training instills discipline and good taste and a careful attitude to sound and to musical form. I have often been in situations where I was not satisfied with the musicians with whom I was playing. In those moments I have occasionally thought that it would be better to just play myself as a one man band and not have to depend on other musicians.

The guitar is great in that way, because it allows for many possibilities in terms or arranging independent melodic lines and chords and can sound like a small orchestra. Of course, now I play with talented musicians, but those times of frustration in the past motivated me to do new things with the guitar and pushed me to start playing interesting new arrangements as a solo performer.